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19th Aug 2015

Watch machete-wielding robbers sh*t themselves when shopkeeper pulls a sword (Video)

'That's not a knife....THIS is a knife'

Ben Kenyon

It’s still one of the best moments in movie history – when a New York street punk pulls a knife on Crocodile Dundee.

Sun-kissed Aussie bushman Mick Dundee takes one look at the guy’s puny spud peeler and pulls out his own, with the immortal line “that’s not a knife…this is a knife.”

If you don’t remember this absolute classic, have a look here…

We were reminded of Crocodile Dundee when we saw this brilliant video of two balaclava-clad knife robbers threatening this US shopkeeper.

Yes they had machetes, but they weren’t bargaining that the Pittsburgh store owner was packing a huge steel scimitar sword under his counter.

When he pulls it out, they absolutely sh*t themselves. Hilarious…