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03rd Sep 2015

Syrian boy provides eloquent response to claims that refugees are ‘invading’ Europe (Video)

Powerful stuff

Nooruddean Choudry

Watching the news and opening the morning papers, it is hard not to be moved by the plight of refugees entering Europe to escape the atrocities of their homelands.

Thus far the rhetoric in the media has been unsympathetic towards people fleeing their homes not out of choice, but necessity. They are putting themselves through immense hardship and danger not for economic motives, but as men, women and children fearing for their lives.

Still the likes of Katie Hopkins refuse to retract or apologise for hateful comments about these innocent victims of circumstance. Hopkins in particular is responsible for some poisonous comments.

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One Syrian boy who can’t be more than 10-year-old was far more eloquent and well-spoken than her ilk could ever hope to be. Speaking to Hungarian police in Budapest, the young lad had the perfect riposte for those who claim that he and others are an ‘invasion’ or ‘nuisance’.

In calm, concise and perfect English, the clearly exhausted but dignified young man said the following:

It is hard to feel anything but deep regret that thousands of innocent people are experiencing such extreme and desperate difficulties.