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21st Aug 2023

Skyfall rated as the best James Bond film ever

Joseph Loftus

‘I did get one thing right’

Skyfall has been voted as the best James Bond film ever made.

3,500 people took part in the survey, carried out by William Hill Vegas, asking what fans thought was the best 007 flick.

The 2012 classic with Daniel Craig took home the top spot with over 17% of the vote.

Sean Connery’s Goldfinger landed in second place while Craig’s final Bond film, No Time To Die, came third with 7% of the vote.

According to the poll, Daniel Craig appears to be the nation’s favourite Bond.

On the other sideof the table, Conney’s final 007 film, Never Say Never Again, was voted as the worst Bond film of all time. Not only that but it’s gotta be the worst title too. Shameful.

Regardless of the poll, Skyfall has been regarded as one of the best Bond films since it first arrived in 2012.

Directed by Sam Mendes, the film focuses’ on Bond tracking down the perpertrators of an attack at Mi6, eventually revealing it to be the work of a cyberterrorist by the name of Saoul Silva played by everybody’s favourite bad guy, Javier Bardem.

Not only was it a critical success, it was also a huge box office smasher earning over $1.1 billion. The film also won two Oscars, for Best Original Song and Best Sound Editing.

But just what does the future hold for Bond? Only time will tell.

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