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22nd Apr 2015

Pic: Audacious jewellery gang drilled this huge hole through concrete vault wall

Heist almighty!

Ben Kenyon

Yes they are criminals, but you have to admire their handy work.

JOE in no way condones the crime, but you have to say the gang behind the Hatton Garden heist were pretty determined to get their hands on those jewels.

So determined that they drilled this f*cking huge hole through concrete to get to the safety deposit boxes.

Heist 2

They used crow bars, angle grinders and concrete drills to get into the secure vault after disabling a lift and lowering themselves down the shaft.


How very Ocean’s 11.

The Met Police released photos of the criminals’ efforts – and they made some real damage during the raid over Easter.

Police are still yet to arrest anyone, but an appeal is due to go out on Crimewatch, the BBC report.

(Photo credit: Met Police)