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30th Nov 2023

One in six Brits would rather have a curry than a Christmas dinner on 25th December

George McKay

Each to their own, I guess

A new survey has revealed that one in six Brits would rather opt for a curry on Christmas Day rather than the traditional roast turkey dinner.

You might think that with December upon us, households across the country would be prepping for their festive feasts. But according to a new survey by instantprint suggests that as many as one in six of us will be turning to their local curry house to help celebrate the big day.

And the controversial food decisions didn’t end there.

One third of respondents said they’d be having sausages on their christmas dinner, and seven per cent of people would garnish their meal with mayonnaise.

Just over one in ten people said they’d have a slightly-more American mac and cheese, and the same number saying they’d scoff down on some mushy peas.

But there are many of us opting for the less than traditional christmas fare, with 5% choosing to have a Chinese, and 5% a Mexican.

What will you be having for your Christmas dinner? Let us know!