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27th Nov 2023

Guest sparks uproar by wearing white dress to friend’s wedding

Joseph Loftus

‘Only the bride should wear white’

A model has been absolutely paned after choosing to wear a white dress to her friend’s wedding.

Understandably countless other women have lambasted the woman for what they believe was an attempt to steal the limelight.

Lacey-Jade Christie shared photos of herself in a white dress on TikTok and Instagram, writing: “I am off to a wedding.”

The video quickly went viral but not for the best reasons in the world.

One person wrote that the dress was not appropriate either in colour nor style.

Another said: “Why would you let your friend go out looking like a mess?”

Others were appalled by Lacey’s decision to wear white to a wedding with one saying: “WHITE!!! GIRL. Only the bride should wear white!”

Another said: “It’s rude. You don’t wear white to a wedding. It’s the bride’s day. Not yours.”

Others however did defend Lacey, with one writing: “Everyone in the comments acting like you’re wearing white to THEIR PERSONAL wedding. Not your wedding, not your concern.”

Another wrote: “I love how people want all these original weddings yet follow outdated traditions like guest can’t wear white.. lol you look beautiful.”

Lacey seemed to be completely shocked by the comments, which she was not expecting at all.

She wrote: “All I have taken away from this week is that most people out there are super boring and have never been to a queer wedding.”

She also called out those who bodyshamed her like she “wasn’t in the room”.

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