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16th Jul 2016

Brexit may not be complete until 2019, Sunday Times claims

A while to wait

Tom Victor

The United Kingdom might not exit the European Union until January 2019, according to reports from the Sunday Times.

The paper claims trade talks with non-EU countries such as Australia have begun or are beginning, but there may be a gap of two-and-a-half years between the vote to leave and Brexit itself.

Prime Minister Theresa May is engaged in discussions over how best to approach Brexit, with reports suggesting she feels confident of making a European Union exit work for the country.

A petition for a second Brexit referendum gained more than four million votes after some leave voters expressed concern or regret at their decision.

However this was shot down by the British government, and the Prime Minister looks poised to push ahead with the plans backed on the June 23 vote.

According to a ComRes opinion poll – the results of which have been published by The Independent – more than half of Britons are not in favour of a second referendum.

Prime Minister May, who officially took over from David Cameron this week, is now tasked with overseeing trade negotiations. Even before taking office, she suggested there would be no turning back on the decision to leave the EU.