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27th Mar 2015

Biohackers gave this guy superhuman night-vision eyeballs like Beast from X-Men

That's a sight for sore eyes...

Ben Kenyon

Remember when your grandma used to tell you carrots would make you see in the dark?

Well, f*ck the carrots because these biohackers have come up with something far more badass.

Night-vision eyeballs. Really.

Biohackers (folk that do DIY body enhancements) from Science for the Masses injected a liquid solution called Chlorin e6, found in a deep-sea fish, into a guy’s eyeballs. Into his eyeballs.


Apparently the experiment gave the guy night-vision and low light vision for several hours – like Beast from X-Men.


Well, JOE didn’t see that coming. It was a shot in the dark. We’ll definitely have to keep an eye on how the technology develops. (Okay, okay, enough awful night/vision eyeball puns).

All we know is we should probably follow Blue Peter’s advice – ‘don’t try this at home.’

(Image: Science for the Masses)