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04th Jun 2021

BBC News anchor caught wearing shorts under desk live on TV

Charlie Herbert

Smart casual.

Even for those of us most reluctant to get our legs out, the past few days have most definitely been shorts weather. It has been lovely, and the summer vibes are in full flow.

One of the benefits of working from home of course is that you can wear what you want (to an extent). In the days of office work, it may have been frowned upon in some workplaces to turn up in shorts. I feel like the BBC Newsroom is one of these workplaces.

But maybe not based on this.

On Wednesday, as temperatures reached as high as 28 degree in West London, newsreader Shaun Ley was spotted with his legs out. As the camera gave a wide shot of the studio, viewers could see that below the desk, Ley was wearing shorts and what look like deck shoes.

Pure summer vibes.

In the age of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we’ve all become accustomed to simply dressing the top halves of our bodies, and really not bothering with the bottom half. Thousands of us must have rocked the shirt and trackies look over the last 15 months.

Big respect to Ley for carrying on this trend even when not working from home, I’d like to see this continue across workplaces throughout the country.

Business on top, party on the bottom.