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25th Mar 2015

Video: Maggie trailer brings Arnold Schwarzenegger and zombies together

It might not be what you expect...


Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a zombie movie. Now here’s a sentence I became a journalist to write.

Arnie starring in a zombie movie doesn’t seem that exciting, at first. Most undead films are packed with gore, heavy weapons and insane action we’ve all come to expect from The Governator.

But what makes Maggie a little unexpected is that it appears to be an character-driven family drama instead of a pun-ridden thrill ride.

Schwarzenegger plays Wade, whose world is turned inside out when a spreading zombie virus infects his beloved daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin). Wade remains determined to stay by her side and protect her, even as her condition worsens.

Maggie is only having a limited release worldwide. We’ll let you know the UK venues soon.