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22nd Aug 2023

Tyson Fury explains why all three of his sons have the same name

Joseph Loftus

‘You can call me whatever you want, just don’t call me late for dinner’

Those, the legendary words, of one of Tyson Fury’s predecessors, the former Heavyweight Champion of the World, George Foreman.

And similarly to Foreman, who named his kids, George, George, George, George, and Georgetta, Tyson Fury has also named his three son’s all precisely the same.

Fury and wife, Paris, have six children altogether.

They’ve got three girls, Valencia, Venezuela, and Athena, who are all named after places just like their mum (Paris) while the three lads are all called Prince.

There’s Prince Tyson Fury II, there’s Prince John James, and there’s Prince Adonis Amaziah. But why? Well, explaining the reason on Netflix’s latest smash hit, At Home With The Fury’s, Tyson who has now retired, revealed: “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.” Fair enough.

The new Netflix show has gone down an absolute storm and follows the Fury’s in their everyday life as dad, Tyson, tries to adjust to his ‘apparently’ retired life.

Fury who is no stranger to retirement called it quits from boxing back in April 2022 following his knockout of Dillian Whyte. He then returned to the ring December and scored a TKO victory against Derek Chisora before calling retirement again.

Whether he will keep his promise to stay out of the ring or not remains uncertain, however what is definite is that Tyson will surely go down in history as one of boxing’s greats.

From his 2015 defeat of Wladimir Klitchschko, to his fall from grace, his balooning in weight, and his subsequent addiction to alcohol and drugs, Fury then came back again and took on boxing’s apparent hardest ever hitter, Deontay Wilder, scoring one TKO, one KO, and one very controversial draw.

So regardless of Fury’s next decisions, he will surely be go down in the history books as a giant in the world of boxing.

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