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23rd Feb 2016

The Rock’s huge physique makes total sense when you see what his dad used to look like

Chip off the old rock.

Kevin Beirne

Dwayne Johnson is a big man. A very big man.

The former wrestler is now the highest-earning man in Hollywood, but it’s not like he came from small beginnings.

Even if the man we now know as The Rock wasn’t exactly the most intimidating person in the world during his first wrestling appearance, he was still an absolute beast as a teenager – although he did end up looking a bit chunkier when he lived on fried chicken in his early twenties.

But back when he was more pebble than rock, Johnson had his father, Rocky Johnson, to look up to. And it’s clear from this photo of the two back in the day that the WWE legend inherited much more than just his father’s name.

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