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25th Jul 2018

Fans lose their minds after Dr Alex stacks it on Love Island

Oh, mate.

Kyle Picknell

Inevitable really

So Wednesday night’s Love Island was the baby episode. The baby episode everyone had been waiting for.

It was the task in which the couples could weigh up their long-term potential with their partner, and it also became the task in which new Jack discovered the baby he wanted to call Vincent was actually a girl, as well as holding up his baby – suddenly now called Aubrey – to the sun like Simba in the Lion King.

He also did the thing you have to do to cute dogs, except to his own child. You know, when you rub your nose against theirs and talk in that voice, telling them over and over they are a good boy.

Again, he did this to his own child, the one that he didn’t know was actually a girl and genuinely wanted to call Vinnie.

What a man. Parenthood at its finest.

Somehow, those things weren’t the highlight.

Somehow, something even better happened.

Somehow Dr Alex managed to stack it in the most Dr Alex way imaginable, crashing into the pavement like he was trying to dig his way to the earth’s core whilst pushing a pram with a fake plastic baby in.

He did so by tripping over absolutely nothing over than his own awkwardness.

He did so by falling over in such a ridiculous manner he genuinely caused Wes to have some kind of weird laughing seizure.

He did so by flipping over onto his back and waving his arms about helplessly like a little baby turtle had been overturned.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the greatest moment in the history of Love Island.

Feast your eyes on Dr Alex cobbling really, really, really hard for absolutely no reason at all.

Show me anyone that tells you that single scene isn’t everything they ever wanted from this season of Love Island and I will show you a liar.

As you’d expect, people absolutely lost it on Twitter:


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