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15th Aug 2015

This new addition to the iPhone could make it the fastest ever

'As fast as a MacBook'

Ben Kenyon

Good news iPhone users.

Apple wouldn’t be doing their job if every new iPhone on the market wasn’t better than what went before – but word is there’s going to be a pretty significant improvement on the latest model.

The new iPhone 6S is due for release at the end of next month and according to tech blog 9to5, the chip in the new model will deliver significantly greater speeds that what iPhone users have been used to before.


Forgive some technical speak for a moment, but the blog cites an ‘unsubstantiated tip’ saying that the new A9 chip will result in performance speeds far faster than the A8 chip in the iPhone 6.

But all we’re worried about is improved speed and performance. Well, suggestions are that the new iPhone will even be able to match a 2010 version of a MacBook Pro or an entry-level 2015 12” MacBook.

9to5 do express legitimate concerns about the fact that such information comes from the aforementioned ‘unsubstantiated tip’ so don’t go taking this as fact.

That said, it will no doubt increase the feverish levels of excitement that always greet the arrival of a new iPhone ahead of its release next month.

Better start camping outside the Apple shop now then.