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02nd May 2024

Apple confirms its working quickly to fix alarming iPhone bug

Charlie Herbert

apple iphone alarm bug

iPhone users have been reporting the issue for a few days

Apple has said it is working to try and fix a problem which has been causing some iPhone alarms to not work.

Over the last few days, iPhone users have been complaining that their alarms are not going off in the morning.

TikTok user Reid Manning said her alarm had failed to go off in the morning for “the third or fourth day in a row.”

Another TikTok user Alyssa Sarracco said she had missed classes after her phone failed to wake her up from a nap, despite the fact she set “five alarms”.

And on Tuesday, the issue was reported on NBC’s Today Show in the US.

It is unclear just how many devices have been affected by the issue, but Apple has confirmed it is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

The company did not confirm if the bug is restricted to particular iPhone models or a specific version of its iOS software.

Some have wondered whether the issue could be down to the iPhone’s attention aware features though.

When switched on, these features allow an iPhone to check whether a person is paying attention to their device. If the iPhone notices a user is looking at the device, it will lower the sound of alerts as these are less necessary when you’re using the phone.

Some iPhone owners think they’ve fixed the alarm problem after switching off the attention aware features, which are available on  iPhone X or later, and iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

People have suggested on TikTok that if the iPhone screen is turned towards the face of its sleeping owner, it may activate the feature and therefore lower the volume of the alarm.

Of course, it could just be that a lot of people have either turned the volume down on their phones or simply forgot to set an alarm, so it’s always worth double-checking before you hit the hay.

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