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09th Apr 2024

iPhone users left mind-blown after discovering charging life hack

Joseph Loftus

Mind = blown.

iPhone users have been left absolutely mind-blown after discovering a charging hack which is changing their lives.

The discovery was made after Apple were forced to install USB-C ports from here on out, replacing their age-old lightning cables and ports.

While there’s a lot of things you can do with the new USB-C ports, a viral tweet has recently shown that you can charge your phone using another phone if it has a USB-C port too.

Captioning the tweet, X user Sheel Mohnot wrote: “PSA: You can charge an iPhone from another iPhone.”

In response to the tweet, one X user wrote: “Unlimited free energy.”

Another wrote: “That’s how you show somebody that you really love them.”

A third commented: “Can also charge your laptop same principle. Saved me a few times.”

Apple recently warned people not to use rice to dry wet iPhones.

The age-old theory goes that the dry rice helps suck out the moisture from the device. But experts have warned against using this technique, and now Apple have agreed that reaching for the basmati is not the answer.

In a support note on its website, the tech giant warns that putting your precious device in a bag of rice “could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.”

This is along with the fact that it’s not even an efficient way of drying the phone.

According to the Verge, the rice theory may have its origins as far back as 1946, when it was used as a way to maintain cameras.

But are there effective ways to dry out a phone or device then?

How do I fix my iPhone after I get a ‘liquid detected’ alert?

Well, Apple does have some advice for anyone who gets a ‘liquid detected’ alert when plugging their phone in to charge. Users should unplug the charging cable at both ends before gently tapping their phone against their hand with the connector facing down to try and remove excess liquid.

After leaving the device to dry for at least half an hour, try plugging the phone in again. If this doesn’t work, try again the next day. If this still doesn’t work, then things aren’t looking good…

Along with discouraging the use of rice, Apple also warns users not to use ”an external heat source or compressed air” to try and dry a phone, and not to “insert a foreign object, such as a cotton swab or a paper towel, into the connector.”

If your phone isn’t working at all after an encounter with liquid, then you should completely turn it off before drying it with a towel. Then, place it in an airtight container filled with silica packets.

Only try and charge the phone when you’re sure it’s completely dry.

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