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25th Jan 2024

12 per cent of Brits admit to going to the toilet in a virtual work meeting

Callum Boyle

toilet work

When you’ve gotta go…

We’ve all been in those work meetings when working from home and suddenly you need to go to the toilet.

Do you do what you’d do in any kind of in-person meeting and wait until it’s over, or, do you try and multi task and go to the toilet while still in the meeting (hopefully with your camera and mic off, I stress).

That’s apparently what many Brits are doing, with 12 per cent admitting that they often go to the toilet while in a virtual work meeting.

Research from YouGov reveals that as many as one in eight have done the deed. And yes, that includes bringing the laptop to the toilet. Grim.

The younger generation are the biggest culprits with 21 per cent of 18-29 year old workers who use virtual meetings at work admitting to going to the toilet at the same time.

Meanwhile 12 per cent of men in the survey said that they multi-task with both activities while 11 per cent of women said they do.

While a good few have called themselves out, there’s still plenty who don’t agree with it.

83 per cent of workers have said that it is unacceptable and 64 per cent consider it “completely unacceptable”.

Only 15 per cent believe it is acceptable to bring your meeting to the bathroom.

It’s part of an ongoing love affair between Brits and technology.

Recent research conducted by Kastus reveals that we pick up our phones every 12 minutes. More than a quarter of those asked also said they take their phones to the toilet every time they go.

A third of people asked also said they had never cleaned their phone. Yuck.

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