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03rd Feb 2024

Real reason why one Airpod runs out of charge more quickly than the other

Nina McLaughlin

It’s the bane of every wireless earbud users’ life

The reason why one Airpod always runs out of charge more quickly than the other has finally been explained.

On the surface, it seems like a silly fact that most of the time earbuds run out of charge at different speeds. You’re listening to the same thing in both of them, at the same volume, so why does it always seem that one has a flat battery when the other is still full of life?

Well, Apple Explained has come to the rescue and explained why it happens.

“When placing your AirPods inside, it’s possible that one may not make full contact with the charging pins,” they said.

Thus, rather than charging as you’d have hoped, the earbud that is struggling to make full contact slowly runs out of battery instead of replenishing it.

The TikToker did explain an easy fix for this, though.

If you give your AirPod case a quick wipe over using a Q-tip to remove any hidden dirt to help the earbud make the connections it needs to.

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Other factors that can go into keeping your AirPods at an equal charge level include editing their settings, and switching up which one is used for ‘Noise Control’ and which is for the microphone during phone calls.

Additionally, keeping an eye on which earbud you remove more regularly can help keep things in check, as you want to make sure you’re not causing ‘uneven degradation’ of the headphones.