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09th Jul 2015

The way you charge your iPhone may be about to change forever


Sick of losing your iPhone charger? Annoyed at the wire wearing away? Good news could be on its way.

A newly published patent offers some insight into Apple’s plans to completely remove all charging ports from their phones.

How do you charge your handset then? Welcome to the world of wireless…

Apple’s plans include charging iPhones via a chip in the Apple logo on the back of the phone or from the iPhone words etched below.


A number of Android phones currently allow people to charge their phones wirelessly but it is not fully clear what method of charging Apple might adopt. All we know is that they plan on removing those pesky cables.

This isn’t the only innovation being considered by the technology giant. The idea of a heart rate monitor in the Apple logo has also been mooted.

This is all very exciting news, but you’ll have to wait a while before it becomes a reality. Apple frequently patent new technology and ideas, with some ultimately making their way into production and others falling through.

We’ll keep you posted…until our battery runs out.