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27th Aug 2015

Apple is about to revolutionise the camera on your new iPhone

This could be a game-changer...

Ben Kenyon

Apart from a battery that lasts longer than five minutes, this is one major upgrade the iPhone has been crying out for.

The camera. Currently the Samsung Galaxy is king when it comes to camera technology.

But Apple is about to get serious with the release of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The US tech firm is rumoured to bringing in game-changing upgrades to the phones’ camera system.

Both of the new models will finally be beefed up from an 8-megapixel sensor to a custom imager 12-magapixel system, according to 9to5Mac.

nerd animated GIF

This will mean the new phones will take larger and more high-resolution images, thanks to a new A9 chip inside.

For all those selfie fans the front facing camera will get a major upgrade – getting higher resolution, a flash and even potentially panorama and slow-motion capabilities.

But that’s not even the best bit. The big sell will be on the the iPhone’s video recording capabilities.

Apple are reported to be adding full 4K resolution video to the new phones – which makes for sharper, more stable shots and brilliant post-processing capabilities.

All we know is we’ll be camping out with everyone else when the 6S hits the shops on September 9.