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10th Aug 2015

Apple are about to fix the iPhone’s most annoying Wi-Fi problem

Thank God for that...

Ben Kenyon

It’s still one of the most annoying things about having an iPhone.

You’re in the middle of watching a hilarious cat gif or an even funnier one of a panda sneezing, when your phone freezes.

The Wi-Fi connection has dropped to one bar which, in other words, means you ain’t getting jack sh*t from the router.


Annoyingly you have to walk all the way to the router and give it a bash or else turn the Wi-Fi off manually on your phone. Is there a more annoying #FirstWorldProblem?

But now Apple have created handy little feature on iOS9 which automatically switches from your Wi-Fi to your mobile data if your connection is poor.


According to 9to5mac, a new cellular setting called Wi-Fi Assist allows the phone to automatically switch to a cellular data connection when you have a bad connection.

Great news for those of you who don’t have time to be waiting on slow Wi-Fi – although there’s no official release date for iOS9 yet.