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29th Aug 2015

Why the hell did this guy have an Xbox controller in crowd at Arsenal vs Newcastle?

The reason is pretty fascinating...

Ben Kenyon

When you first see it, it looks like a strange guy pretending to play FIFA in the press box at Newcastle vs Arsenal.

The picture emerged from St James Park of what appeared to be a keen gamer who was unable or unwilling to leave his Xbox controller at home.

But as we dug a little deeper (browsed Twitter) we found the real reason why there was a man at the game who looked to have an insatiable to desire to merge his FIFA life with reality.

We learned that the mysterious man in the red hoody was actually using the controller to keep track of statistics from the game, logging possession and events online as they happened.

We don’t know what company Ed Syers, the diligent button-tapper, works for but it seems that betting companies often use technology like this so they can cover games live on their website.

You learn something new every day.