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07th Sep 2015

Watch Vincent Kompany take down his five-year-old daughter with a slide tackle

Bad Kompany...

Simon Lloyd

Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany has looked as solid as a rock in the club’s impressive start to the Premier League season.

And while there’s no doubting that the Belgian man is one of the finest defenders on the planet, this video suggests that he might want to tone down his competitive streak when he’s playing the role of family man.

The footage comes in the wake of City’s final game of last season. As the club’s players assemble on the pitch with their children and other family members, Kompany’s five-year-old daughter, Sienna, can be seen trying to instigate a game of chase with her dad.

But the City captain is having none of it and deems it necessary to bring the game to an end with a sliding tackle. To her credit, Sienna’s back on her feet in no time. If only the same could be said of some of her dad’s Premier League opponents.