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08th Sep 2016

This innuendo-filled moment interview from At The Races is pure gold

The presenter's expression is priceless

Darragh Murphy

OK, what?

There is not a whole lot that can leave the usually unflappable At The Races presenter Matt Chapman speechless.

But after this he was nothing short of dumbstruck, tongue-tied, voiceless. The man was, quite literally, without speech. He was flapped.

All it took was a brief but beautifully bizarre exchange between jockey Josephine Gordon and the on-course presenter Derek Thompson.

Here’s how it played out.

Derek: And was your mum watching from Devon tonight, as always?
Josephine: She’d be in bed.

Derek: If I know your mum, she certainly won’t.

“If I know your mum, she certainly won’t.”

“If I know your mum, she certainly won’t.”

“If I know your mum, she certainly won’t.”

What the hell does that mean?

This look from Matt Chapman once the broadcast went back to studio said it all.


Yeah. That’s the look of a man who knew his colleague had done a boo boo.

Matt Chapman has the look of a man who’s just seen his best mate call his partner the wrong name.

Matt Chapman knows he’s witnessing an awkward situation and decides to lean into it anyway.

Matt Chapman is every man. Please turn this face into a meme.

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