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16th Sep 2021

Tommy Fury spotted having the time of his life at student night out

Kieran Galpin

Tommy Fury

Fair play, the man knows how to enjoy his free time

Boxer and Love Island star Tommy Fury made a surprise appearance at a Liverpool bar where he stripped shirtless and beat his chest for the hordes of delighted students partying the night away.

Fury had been enjoying some free time after his victory over Anthony Taylor last month.

The younger brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, Tommy can be seen having he time of his life in the club, clearly enjoying the attention he received.

“That was uncomfortable,” wrote Heather.

“Proof that I never know what’s happening in this city,” Noah tweeted.

The internet, being as it is, was typically cruel.

“If I was Molly Mae I would deffo have the ick,” wrote another.

Fury is still talking about a potential fight against internet personality Jake Paul. The two have been sparring verbally for some time, with Fury calling Paul ‘massive pussy’ and suggesting he ‘stick to YouTube’.

“I think Tommy Fury is probably the top of that list. He’s skilled, he’s undefeated, and he’s a real boxer,” Paul said Full Send Podcast.

Fury’s girlfriend and fellow Love Island alumni, Molly Mae Hague, has also faced controversy as of late.

On 9/11, the Pretty Little Thing social media team thought it best to brand a black and white image of the World Trade Centre with PLT’s own colour scheme.

The move was not received well on social media, with many people dubbing it ‘disrespectful’ and ‘disgusting’.

“If this isn’t a big enough reason as to why you DO NOT HIRE INFLUENCERS AS CREATIVE DIRECTORS,” wrote one person.

Another tweeted: “Who’s gonna tell them 9/11 isn’t an aesthetic?”

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