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20th Aug 2015

This tweet really came back to bite one Celtic fan right on the arse…literally

What was he thinking?


Celtic fan Aidan O’Brien was confident that former Hoops player Jo Inge Berget wasn’t going to score against them in last night’s Champions League qualifier.

So confident, in fact, that he was willing to put his arse on the line.

In case the thousands of retweets haven’t tipped you off, Berget left O’Brien to rue his comments when he scored not once but twice, bagging a crucial second away goal for Malmo close to the death.

It was right about then that Twitter acted as one to make young Aidan come good on his cheeky promise.

Luckily, the young Celtic fan has had a good sense of humour about the whole thing.

Swedish journalists sprang into action and tried to reach Aidan for comment, but so far it remains unclear whether or not he has followed through and branded himself with the name of the Norway international.

The above tweet, however, suggests that Mr O’Brien is a man of his word.