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18th Apr 2016

This is how much it will cost to complete the Panini Euro 2016 sticker album

Got! Got! Need!

Tom Victor

If you’re anything like us, you’ll already be well on the way to completing your Euro 2016 Panini sticker book.

You’ve got to have it all taken care of before the tournament starts. That’s just Panini stickers 101.

Normally it’s a case of buying the book and the stickers first, then worrying about the cost much, much later.

But how much can you expect to fork out if you want to complete the collection?

Cardiff University maths professor Paul Harper explained the best and worst case scenarios to the Daily Mirror, with the help of some complex probability calculations which we won’t pretend to entirely understand.

Put simply, though, it is possible – albeit unlikely – to get your hands on all 680 stickers for just £68.

To do that, you’ll either need to get really, really, really lucky with your 136 packs of 5 stickers, which each cost 50p.

Or, of course, you’ll need a big group of friends with whom you can swap all those extra Paddy McNair and Joe Ledley stickers (honestly, we’ve got five of each already).


On average, Harper claims, you’ll have to fork out as much as £374.

Best get swapping, then.