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21st Feb 2017

Sutton captain attempts hilarious ‘challenge’ on Arsenal’s Oxlade-Chamberlain, who is utterly confused

What did we just see?!

Nooruddean Choudry

What poor Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made of this is anyone’s guess.

The Arsenal midfielder is used to coming up against some of the best defenders in the world. A few days ago he was competing with the likes of Mats Hummels and Philipp Lahm at the Allianz Arena FFS. He is possibly, maybe (I don’t really care tbh) going out with a Little Mix member too. Visiting lowly Sutton United was something of a culture shock in any case.

But if the miniature ground, 3G surface, and very basic changing facilities weren’t enough of a shock to the system, poor Alex had to come to terms with the most bizarre ‘challenge’ for the ball he has ever faced. Raiding down the left wing midway through the second half, the Arsenal man was faced with Sutton captain Jamie Collins bearing down on him.

But instead of trying to slide-tackle the ‘Ox’, or bundle him out of play, or even trip him up, Collins did the most non-league thing possible – he pretended to headbutt the player to give him a little scare. That’s right, in an act straight out of the school playground, he tried to make the Premier League footballer flinch.

It didn’t work, but it did leave poor AOC – and viewers at home – very bemused indeed…