Spurs get roasted by Dulux minutes after announcing them as official sponsor 6 months ago

Spurs get roasted by Dulux minutes after announcing them as official sponsor

It's certainly a social media strategy

People love dunking on Tottenham. Despite their surge in quality during Mauricio Pochettino's five year reign at the club, the lack of a major trophy to boast since the League Cup in 2008 is often a punchline at their expense in footballing banter discourse.


"It is the history of the Tottenham," Giorgio Chiellini said after knocking Spurs out of the Champions League in 2018. That alone has given become a meme in its own right and given new life to anti-Spurs mockery.

And it would appear that not even official sponsors can resist having a pop at the club's misfortune.

On Thursday morning, the club announced that Dulux UK had become its first ever Official Paint Supplier. It's good to see Daniel Levy is looking for ways to fund the inevitable Jose Mourinho severance package but I doubt he predicted this sort of response.

One reply to Tottenham's tweet asked whether Dulux's mascot, the unmistakeable dog, could play at centre-back, poking fun at how bad Spurs' defence have been in recent months.


Instead of simply ignoring this comment, Dulux replied, saying "he might do a better job."

Another reply to the announcement said it was "time to paint that trophy cabinet", perhaps trying to bait Dulux into another response, and it worked. The paint manufacturer responded with a meme last seen in 2014, probably, alluding to the trophy cabinet being for sale. (Get it? Because it's unused! Rofl!)

Here is the meme.


Those tweets have, shockingly, been taken down. But this one stays up. You have to admit, he does look like a good boy.