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20th Feb 2017

Robbie Fowler took a dreadful fall on The Jump and his arm is now more bruise than arm


Darragh Murphy

“I’m not saying I could have won it, but I certainly think I could have got to the final.”

Robbie Fowler’s fall did nothing to dent his confidence in his skiing skills at the weekend.

The former Liverpool striker crashed out of the hit show The Jump after suffering a nasty fall and failing to reach the minimum distance in his qualification run.

Fowler clearly lacked the conviction necessary as he took to the air and he didn’t stick the landing, as he slammed into the snow and was sent rolling violently for 25 yards.

The crash landing clearly took its toll on the 41-year-old, who proudly showed off his battle scars in the moments following the broadcast.

Fowler is sporting a pretty nasty bruise on his left arm but he’ll take the superficial contusion, having escaped serious injury.

All credit to the Reds legend because he didn’t shy away from the challenge and pulled it off a few days later but, unfortunately, it was too little too late and he will play no further part in the competition.