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19th Nov 2015

Richie McCaw’s retirement plans make us love him all the more

Fly away

Mikey Stafford

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him….maybe you can hire Richie McCaw.

The only way the two-time World Cup winning captain could become any more masculine in retirement was possibly by becoming a helicopter pilot, so that’s what he is going to do.

Richie McCaw: helicopter pilot.

“I am heavily involved in the Christchurch Helicopters company, they are great people and I’m excited about the opportunities there,” he said at the press conference to announce the predicted end of his playing days.

“Aviation is something I’m passionate about, I’m going to carry on flying and work towards getting my commercial pilot licence.”

Hanging up his boots and picking up a toggle stick. He really does make the rest of us look like idiots. If you’re in any doubts about how much better a man he is than you, see below.

That leaves us with just one question: is it possible to be offside in a helicopter?