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23rd Sep 2015

Kaiserslautern’s Patrick Ziegler receives straight red for ANOTHER dangerous lunge (Video)

Becoming a habit...


Another day, another stupid challenge.

It’s almost becoming the norm to see reckless out-of-control challenges that risk serious injury.

For some reason this season has brought with it a worrying trend for players to commit airborne lunges for the ball, rather than controlled tackles.

Carlos Tevez, Hector Moreno and Radja Nainggolan have all been guilty of inflicting serious injuries on others with their wild challenges.

There was another in the Bundesliga game between Kaiserslautern and Nuremberg on Tuesday.

The home side’s Patrick Ziegler saw red after just 17 minutes with a cynical attempt to get player rather than ball. Luckily in this instance, the Nuremberg player walked away unharmed…