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16th Feb 2016

Former star Paul Parker thinks Man United would be better hiring Tim Sherwood than Jose Mourinho


Louis van Gaal is not every Manchester United supporter’s cup of tea at the moment.

Another disappointing result at the weekend, prompted another flurry of reports linking Jose Mourinho with the Dutcman’s job.

Since leaving Chelsea earlier in the season, Mourinho has repeatedly been tipped to take charge at Old Trafford, although Ed Woodward and the rest of the United board are still showing no signs of issuing van Gaal with his P45.

Former defender Paul Parker is now the latest ex-United player to have his say on who the club should look to employ – if they decide to call an end to van Gaal’s tenure.


Whereas many think Mourinho may be the answer to all United’s problems, Parker is far from convinced.

‘To suggest that he (Mourinho) could walk in to a crisis situation at United and turn it around is absurd,’ he writes for Eurosport.

‘That’s some he’s never done before in his career, and this really wouldn’t be the time to start.

‘He’s lost a huge amount of respect in the game, and I suspect the players at United hate the idea of him taking over.’

Having explained the reasons not to employ Mourinho, Parker goes on to suggest that Tim Sherwood might be the ideal person to bring in to the club on a temporary basis.

‘Frankly, given how unhappy the players are right now, they’d be better off bringing in Tim Sherwood between now and the end of the season: someone to soft soap the players, give them a but of a cuddle, get them feeling good about themselves once again.’


‘Sadly, as we’ve seen with Tim, those sorts of managers don’t work long term.’

‘United need to start thinking about the long term as soon as possible, because if not they face the ultimate danger: turning into the new Liverpool.’