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29th Jun 2018

Piers Morgan appeared on ITV’s World Cup coverage, and it went down exactly as expected

Rudi Kinsella

This isn’t one bit surprising.

ITV have been doing really well with their World Cup coverage so far.

Roy Keane has had some absolute gems, including a personal anecdote about wanting to rip Carlos Queiroz’ head off. Slaven Bilic has been insightful in his own unique way. Hell, they even got Patrice Evra on the team.

They’ve been killing it.

Until Thursday night.

During the coverage of the build-up to the England vs Belgium game, ITV featured a segment in which Piers Morgan joined them to chat about the footy.

It went down basically exactly how you’d expect that to go down.

You’d really think that the World Cup was a Piers Morgan free zone, but unfortunately not…

It did feature one moment of brilliance, where Morgan said: “We have Danny Dyer on the show later, who has threatened to beat me up”, to which Gary Neville replied: “I hope he does”.

He was advertising an episode of Good Evening Britain, which airs at 9.15 on Thursday night.

We’re sure you’ll be tuning in.