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06th Jun 2018

Dele Alli posts hilarious video of Raheem Sterling getting hit in the face with a basketball

Man gets hit in the head with ball

Wayne Farry

And the winner is…. man getting hit by football

We all love seeing people get hit in the face with things. Balloons, toys, pies, mashed potato, snowballs, the list goes on. We are simple beings deep down and we enjoy physical comedy; anyone who denies it is a liar.

We also love famous people. We love them so much that we watch them play sports, sing songs, act in films, television and on the stage, and even do regular things like walk to the shop.

So imagine, if you will, a combination of these two cultural phenomena. Imagine a famous person getting hit in the face with something. Close your sweet eyes for just a moment and visualise it. Drink it in.

Now, imagine no more, because you’ll be delighted to hear that a famous person has been hit in the face with something, and we have the proof.

For you see, footballer and famous person Dele Alli has posted an Instagram story of fellow footballer and famous person Raheem Sterling playing on one of those mini basketball nets.

Sterling is captured taking two rather good shots, before attempting a third which – unfortunately – bounces right back in his face. Laughter can be heard coming from Alli, and from all who are watching the video.

Is it high brow? Lord no. But is it funny? Yes.