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26th Jan 2018

British boxer takes out newspaper ad and nails some world championship level trolling

Credit where credit's due

Darragh Murphy

Even those who say that there’s no place in boxing for trash talk must be tempted to chuckle at this.

There’s not long to wait before Isaac Chamberlain takes on fellow undefeated Brit Lawrence Okolie for the vacant WBA Continental cruiserweight title but the war of words has already reached unbelievable levels.

In a sport where making the headlines is paramount, Chamberlain literally put his opponent’s name in the newspaper in what is undeniably one of the funniest pieces of pre-fight trolling we’ve ever seen.

Chamberlain brilliantly took out an advertisement in Okolie’s local newspaper, The Hackney Gazette, to let readers know that the Rio 2016 Team GB member will be available for work after their February 3 showdown in London.

Chamberlain insists that he represents a serious step-up in competition for Okolie, who has finished all but one of his opponents to date.

And while Okolie remains a betting favourite going into the grudge match at the O2 Arena, Chamberlain’s imaginative piece of trash talk must be applauded.

The faux CV reads as follows:

“About me: A motivated individual who is known for being the leader of PennyBois.

“At 6ft 5ins, stacking top shelves is not a problem but my matchstick legs can’t carry much weight.

“Education: 2 + 2 is 4, minus 1 that’s 3. Quick maths.

“Boxing: Can now count to ten after being dropped by Chamberlain.

“Professional boxer: Privileged to have shared a ring with Isaac Chamberlain.

“GB Boxing: Turned up at Olympics, went home from the Olympics. Nice holiday though.

“McDonald’s: Three consecutive ’employee of the month’ awards. First person to do a triple flip with a burger patty.

“Only employee to give out extra sauce. References: ‘Excelled in his position. Was nice to have another clown around’, Ronald McDonald.”