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28th May 2017

Bradley Lowery’s family forced to deny sick death claims from online trolls

Who would do such a thing?

Darragh Murphy

What the hell motivates someone to make up claims that a child has passed away?

The internet can be a very, very sick place at times and it beggars belief that the family of Bradley Lowery was forced to deny online rumours from trolls that the young Sunderland fan had passed away.

Bradley suffers with childhood cancer neuroblastoma and has captured the hearts of football fans the world over with his regular appearances at the Stadium of Light in the arms of his hero and best mate, Jermain Defoe.

Bradley underwent radio therapy on Friday and continues to fight the disease but, this weekend, disgusting rumours appeared online claiming that the six-year-old had passed away.

An R.I.P. page was set up and the story was covered by certain outlets but a Lowery family friend, who also acts as the fundraising manager for all donations given to help out with the youngster’s treatment, has since been forced to publicly deny the claims.

Shortly after the above post appeared on the family’s official Facebook page, a picture of a smiling Bradley was posted with an update on his health.

Bradley is still smiling and no online troll is going to stop that!