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01st Feb 2017

Behold this Arsenal fan bragging that they’d beat ‘sh*t’ Watford – and his reaction after they lost

This is priceless

Nooruddean Choudry

Let this be a lesson never to count your chickens – especially if you’re an Arsenal fan.

You can say what you like about Gooners – and plenty d0 – but how grey and monotonous a world would it be without them? Win, lose or draw, they never fail to entertain with their outlandish reactions to absolutely everything. Indeed if being an Arsenal supporter was a drug, it would be Class A and banned anywhere outside of Amsterdam.

A chap by the name of Mr DT is certainly making waves on Arsenal Fan TV (bless that channel) and beyond for his colourful personality and forthright views. He is brash, cocky and emotional, and seemingly a new star in the making for anyone who enjoys a good meltdown or rant. One thing he doesn’t seem to do is sit on the fence.

Unfortunately that sort of openness can bite you on the arse -and in this case in epic fashion. Prior to Arsenal’s home game with Watford on Tuesday night, Mr DT was full of cock-sure confidence and emphatically predicted that Arsene Wenger’s men would triumph, because the Hornets are ‘shit’…

Alas it wasn’t to be. Watford raced to a 2-0 lead within a quarter of an hour thanks to goals from Younes Kaboul and Troy Deeney. Alex Iwobi pulled one back in the second half, but it was the visitors who left with maximum points, leaving the Gunners title hopes in shreds.

Mr DT was not a happy man after the game, and gave it both barrels to a very patient Robbie on AFTV. Never change Arsenal fans, never change…