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21st Apr 2016

AC Milan performing the Haka before a Serie A match will make you weep for football


Conan Doherty

Stop the world, we’re getting off.

Just when you think things have gone too far, AC Milan come along.

Just when you think that the commercialisation of football is ruining it, AC Milan crank it up a gear.

Stadiums are being named after sponsors, clubs are being re-branded, shirt colours are changing for marketing reasons and you can’t turn a page or open a new tab without being confronted somewhere with the reality that a lot of sports have lost their souls.

Football is big business after all and that was never better sadder demonstrated than on Thursday night at the San Siro.

Before kick off with Capri, AC Milan performed the Haka. The Nivea Haka, which involved dance moves as if to imitate applying skin cream.

As you can imagine, it didn’t go down too well.


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