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19th Oct 2015

A disturbing number of fantasy football players had Newcastle’s four-goal hero Wijnaldum as triple captain

You crazy b*stards!

Robert Redmond

This is either a stroke of genius or complete madness.

Thirteen people, out of more than three million, made Newcastle midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum triple captain for yesterday’s game against Norwich City.

The Dutchman went on to score four goals as the Magpies recorded a 6-2 victory, their first of the season, and, more importantly, scored Fantasy Football players 25 points.

This will become 75 points if you were insane enough to play the triple captain feature, which was evidently the case for 13 players.

We admire their audacity, as you can only use the feature once, and the rewards are huge if used correctly, but we can’t see the logic behind the move.

While Wijnaldum has enjoyed a bright start to life in the Premier League, his team had, until yesterday, struggled badly.

There was little to suggest the midfielder was going to score 25 Fantasy Football points, and even less to suggest that it’d be a stroke of genius to make him captain, never mind triple captain.

However, maybe if we thought outside the box like these 13 players, our own Fantasy Football teams wouldn’t be performing so poorly.

Next week we’re making Glenn Whelan triple captain. It’s so crazy it’ll just have to work.