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27th Mar 2015

Would you road trip from the UK to America on a 12,000-mile superhighway?

And you thought the M1 was a ball-ache....

Ben Kenyon

The Beatles sang “The long and winding road.”

Well, President Vladimir Putin must be a fan of the Fab Four, because the Russians might just be bloody building it.

And sweet jaysus is it a whopper. 12,400 miles long. That makes the M1 look like a small cul-de-sac in Basingstoke.

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If this zany scheme gets out of the ‘5am drinking, madcap ideas’ phase it could run all the way from the UK to America – through continental Europe and Russia.

That would be one helluva large Spring Break road trip. In fact, we’d better set off driving now if we want to get there for Spring 2017.

Alternatively, they could use all that tarmac to fill in the huge hole left at the BBC by Jeremy Clarkson’s exit.

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