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14th Nov 2015

Gatwick Airport terminal evacuated ‘for the protection of the public’ after suspected security alert (Pics)

Security alert...

Conor Heneghan

The news comes amidst heightened security across Europe in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The North Terminal at Gatwick Airport has been evacuated this morning “for the protection of the public” after a suspected security alert less than 24 hours after a series of attacks were carried out in Paris.

Hundreds of people were pictured leaving the terminal on social media this morning.

A spokesperson for the Sussex Police told the Independent: “The terminal is being evacuated at the moment. It is for the protection at the public.”

Witness reports suggest that a man believed to have been carrying a gun in his bag was arrested by police but those reports have not yet been confirmed.

Sussex Police say a man was arrested after it is believed he discarded an item at the airport, according to the Mirror.

Bomb disposal experts have been called to the airport to investigate it.

Detective Superintendent Nick May said: “At this time, we are investigating the circumstances of the incident and it is too early to say what the item may be.

“However, given the events in Paris on Friday evening, there is heightened awareness around any such incident and it is best that we treat the matter in all seriousness.”