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08th Apr 2024

New study reveals the average penis size in every country in the world


It’s not looking good for Brits…

A new study has revealed the average penis size across the globe.

Ecuador came out on top, with the average manhood clocking in at an average size of 6.93 inches while erect.

Coming in second place was Cameroon, where the average penis is 6.56 inches long.

The top three was rounded out by Bolivia, where 6.5 inches is the average size.

For those hoping the UK made it high up in the rankings, you may be disappointed.

Brits came in at 68th on the list, with the average penis size being 5.2 inches.

The UK was beaten out by both America and Australia, which came in at 60th and 43rd place with averages of 5.4 inches and 5.7 inches respectively.

Ireland came in a few places after the UK, with the average manhood being 5.03 inches long.

Out of all the European nations, the Netherlands had the biggest average of 6.24 inches, followed by France with 6.2 inches and Italy with 6 inches.

The shortest average penis belongs to Cambodia, which came in with an average of just under 4 inches, per MailOnline.

The study used a variety of data on penis size in order to come up with the comprehensive list.

They avoided using data where people self-reported the size of their penis, and made sure to use studies where the data had been verified independently.

Researchers concluded that there was no strong connection between height and penis size, but countries with higher rates of obesity generally had smaller penises.

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