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02nd May 2024

Stomach-churning moment raw meat ‘crawls off table’ at restaurant

Charlie Herbert

raw meat crawls off plate

There’s an explanation as to how the meat ‘came back to life’

Diners at a restaurant were left horrified when a piece of raw ‘zombie’ meat managed to crawl off a plate and onto the floor.

In footage that went viral online back in 2019, the piece of raw meat can be seen spasming, and gradually makes it way off the plate.

As it falls to the floor, diners can be heard screaming in the background, understandably freaked out by the stomach-churning moment.

You can the clip below, but be warned, it is pretty freaky.

It’s unclear where the footage was filmed, or what type of meat it was, although some viewers noticed chopsticks on the table. It is also common for raw meat to be cooked at the table in a lot of Asian restaurants.

The Mirror reports that some people thought the meat was chicken, and wondered if it is possible for a freshly slaughtered chicken’s severed parts to still be firing off nerve signals.

Assessing whether the video was real or not, ABC 10 News concluded that the clip is likely to be real, and explained how it was possible for the meat to move.

The channel said: “When a creature dies its neurons don’t stop working right away and they react to sodium.

“So when salt or something salty like soy sauce is poured on it the neurons will fire causing the muscles to contract.”

They added that the meat was likely to be a freshly killed frog, and not raw chicken like some people had suggested.

So there’s no consciousness in the meat, it’s just nerves still firing.

Anyway, what’s for lunch?

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