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01st May 2024

People can’t believe what former England star looks like in Euro 2000 video game 

Callum Boyle

Euro 2000

Could given me 50 guesses and I still wouldn’t get it

Football video games have always been popular and are a great way to unwind. Unless you’re trying to connect to the EA servers.

While they do their best to make it as accurate and realistic as possible, there’s always some bits that don’t look as great as others.

However this one is next level.

Someone has found footage of the old Euro 2000 video game that was available on PlayStation and the facial details of one of the England stars is, well, remarkable. Not in a good way.

Images of what Jamie Redknapp looked like in the game have been shared online. Even though he wasn’t actually in England’s final squad for the tournament he still appeared and it hasn’t stopped people from commenting on his ‘doppelgänger’.

“When did graphics become this good?” joked one person on X.

“Oh God,” said another person, followed by three laughing emojis.

Another compared Redknapp to his dad.

They said: “Looks like his dad.”

To cut EA some slack, this was their first game since obtaining the official licence from UEFA, which had previously been held by Gremlin Interactive.

Sadly for them though the game wasn’t well received as critics felt it lacked quality in comparison to FIFA 2000.

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