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02nd May 2024

People furious after woman refuses to use self-checkout because they’re a ‘job killer’

Charlie Herbert

self checkout machine

She was only buying a ‘single pack of gum’

A woman has left people divided after refusing to use a self-checkout for a single-item shop.

Sharing a video on TikTok, the woman, called Grace, said she wouldn’t even use the self-service machine even for a “single pack of gum.”

She was shopping in a Walmart at the time, a chain that recently announced it would be removing self-checkouts from some of its stores.

The company stated increased costs and shoplifting as two of the factors behind the move.

In the TikTok, Grace is filmed queueing up in the supermarket, with the text over the video reading explaining she was only buying a “single pack of gum.”

It continued: “Grace, why don’t you do self checkout?

“Her: because that’s a job killer.”

Grace’s self-service refusal was met with a mixed reaction online though.

Some people praised her for the move, and agreed with her dislike for self-service machines.

One commented: “Because what are they getting paid for if I’m doing all the work?”

A second said: “I don’t mind self checkout if the regular lines are super busy but tbh I prefer going to a cashier just cause the process feels easier and normal.”

But others suggested Grace was actually annoying staff with her actions, with one person commenting: “I did that once for like 3 items and the cashier told me to use self checkout next time.”

Another said: “Did this once and the cashier walked my items over to self checkout and checked it out over there for me.”

Someone else wrote: “My son was hired to work self-checkout. It’s definitely not a job killer.”

“As a cashier, please go to the self checkout. The guy behind you with 50+ items is gonna have an even shorter temper with me,” a fourth added.

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