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01st May 2024

‘People who don’t pick up after their dog’ voted the biggest pet peeve for Brits

Ryan Price

Do lazy dog-owners annoy you the most? Or maybe it’s drivers who take up two parking spaces?

There are countless little everyday irritations that get under our skin.

Some we all share like being stuck on hold on the phone for a lifetime. Other common annoyances may be a little more individual and specific to your personality.

Now, thanks to a survey carried out by Weetabix, we have a list of the 30 everyday irritations that drive the British public up the walls.

As part of a new advertising campaign, the self-proclaimed ‘nation’s favourite cereal’ polled 2,000 Brits in order to find out what were the things in life that were holding them back, and to discover how the much-loved breakfast brand could help get the country ‘back on track’.

The research found 45 per cent ‘can’t remember’ the last time a day passed without something annoying happening, and that, on average, those polled endure three annoyances per day.

The findings also revealed that 67 per cent are more annoyed in general than ‘ever before’ – with 81 per cent of those surveyed of the opinion that the UK needs ‘fixing.’

So, what are the things that have got everyone in this country so worked up?

At the top of the list, and considered by 37% of those polled to be the most annoying ‘everyday irritation’, is dog-owners who don’t pick up their pet’s mess.

We’ve all had that day-destroying moment when you’re walking along on a footpath minding your own business and all of a sudden you feel a softness under the sole of your shoe and look down to realise you’ve trodded in some cocker spaniel’s excrement.

Close behind with 30% of the votes is potholes. Now, if you’re someone who drives the same route every day and are constantly swerving to avoid crippling your tyres because the road is an obstacle course of potholes, you’ll be able to relate to just how consistently irritating that can be.

In third place, and one that seems to be a universal annoyance, is being stuck on hold on the phone. Whether it’s HMRC, the doctor’s office or you’re calling to try and get some money back from Ryanair, you’ll know disheartening it is to sit on the hold with no end in sight, while some bizarre elevator music plays on loop.

At joint fourth and fifth are not using indicator signals while driving and drivers who take up two parking spaces. It’s no surprise that motoring related irritations have come up three times in the top five.

Also in the top ten are being told you’ve entered an incorrect password (19%), cyclists not using cyclist paths (16%) and using up all the toilet paper and leaving the empty roll on the holder instead of replacing it (15%).

Unsurprisingly, considering the survey was carried out by Weetabix, 68 per cent of people feel that they are set up right for the day after eating a wholesome breakfast, and it also emerged that the most frustrating time of the day is 8am – when people are typically in the middle of their commute or rushing to get ready for work.

Also included in the list of ‘everyday irritations’ are people listening to music loudly on public transport (14%), those difficult “are you a robot” questions on certain websites (11%) and when people reveal spoilers in TV shows (8%).

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