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02nd Oct 2015

Jeremy Corbyn mobbed by hen do with inflatable penis (picture)


Jeremy Corbyn has gone down a storm with a hen party drinking vodka and Vimto – and now could be trying to stop an inflatable ‘penis’ picture from appearing.

The Labour leader spoke to the party of around 30 women travelling by train to the capital, and writer Henry Bell shared a photo or two on Twitter.

Bell later tweeted the left-wing politician had “politely asked that we not share pictures of him with the big inflatable c**k. Actually.” Said tweet has now been removed.

Although he did follow it with an update, joking that Corbyn may have stayed with the party for more fun…

And with the media on the scent of a story, Bell posted a polite message to anyone trying to contact him in the hope of buying a snap of the Labour leader posing with an inflatable cock…

One of the hens must have it…