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21st Nov 2023

I’m A Celeb viewers ‘traumatised’ after Nigel Farage flashes bare bum in jungle shower

Joseph Loftus

‘I wasn’t boycotting the show until now’

It’s been well reported that just two days since I’m A Celebrity finally landed but there is already pandemonium inside of the ITV studios.

This is reportedly all down to the inclusion of controversial politician, Nigel Farage, who has been paid an alleged £1.5 million to appear on the show.

The move is said to have massively backfired for ITV bosses after the opening night’s ratings dropped by millions compared to the 2022 series.

The first show of the 2023 season saw Farage getting messy during a challenge in the outback. This episode received a peak audience of 7.8 million and an average of 7 million.

Last year, the peak was 10 million, with an average of 9.1.

It’s believed the reason the figures are so low is down to the massive boycott of the show prompting ITV bosses to reportedly hold a crisis talk – however now Farage has done something which many of his staunchest supporters are even deeming to be too far: he’s flashed his bare bum.

Farage didn’t hold back one aota as he stripped down to his birthday suit to check out that famous jungle shower.

While Josie Gibson said that she had seen worse, many people took to X, to say that they were traumatised.

One person wrote: “Totally didn’t need to see Nigel Farage’s bum on national TV.”

Another commented: “‘Wasn’t expecting to be facing Nigel Farage’s cheeks as I sat down with a cuppa.”

A third wrote: “In no other country would you see a politicians’ a** on national TV. WHAT.”

While a fourth noted: “Why’ve I just seen Nigel Farage’s cheeks?”

Yeah, all fair.

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