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15th Dec 2016

Here’s how much money the monks are making by selling Buckfast

They are making some serious money.

Carl Kinsella

These lads take a vow of poverty, right?

Buckfast Abbey’s caffeinated wine has acquired something of a cult status among people in Ireland and the UK, but judging by the amount of money we spend on it the drink might be more popular than some people would imagine.

Figures available through the Charity Commission have revealed that the Buckfast Abbey Trust took in £8.8 million for the financial year 2014-2015.

£7.3 million of this income is made up of “trading to raise funds,” namely selling the Abbey’s tonic wine. recently reported that you can now pick up a Buckfast Christmas hamper for the wine-lover in your life  — though we’re not sure we’d fork over as much money for it now that we know what those monks are raking in.